Today in the city Oneida 26.04.2017

Seal Jumps Onto Boat To Escape Orca Killer Whale

While boating with friends, Kirk Fraser and company witnessed an amazing scene of nature. While fishing, they saw a group of ravenous Orca killer whales stalking a seal. Just when it appeared that the...

See Why Two US Open Tennis Stars -- Nadal and Zverev -- Bring $1.5 Million onto the Courts

During the US Open Tennis Championships this week, we witness two top tennis stars -- Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev -- walk a total of $1.5 million onto the courts.

Three Canadians Busted for Smuggling $23 Million of Cocaine onto Cruise Ship

Three Canadian cruise ship passengers have been arrested for allegedly smuggling $23 million worth of cocaine onto a cruise ship docked in Australia.

Exercise Ball Rack Collapses Onto Unsuspected Workout Guru

When workout guru Janell Haney was trying out a new routine she had spotted on another Instagram account, she probably didn't expect this to happen. She bent over backwards holding onto a rack of exer...

A Chopper Just Projected Video Onto a Giant Screen Towed by Another Chopper

Using two helicopters, a 250-foot-wide banner, and a stack of 4K projectors, Branding By Air and MTV established a Guinness world record. The post A Chopper Just Projected Video Onto a Giant Screen To...

Don't be shy! Animals lured onto scales for annual weigh-in at London Zoo

Here is a question for you - how do you weigh and measure more than 18,000 wild animals? Carefully, and with tricks and treats. It is annual health check time for the residents of London Zoo. They...

A Damn Gorgeous Poem About Passing Feminism Onto Our Daughters

A stunning new slam poem, “Mom,” by Alyesha Wise and Aman Batra explores the complicated relationship between mother and daughter ― and what feminist motherhood can actually look like.&nbs...

A Visit To The Oneida Tribe's Annual Pow Wow Near Green Bay, Wis.

As part of our summer series, The World's a Stage, we visit a Native American pow wow in Wisconsin. The pow wow is a place to meet, dance, sing and drum — renewing old traditions.

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